I translate from Slovene to French, German, English and Croatian. All possible language combinations.
Translation from Slovene to foreign language per page (1500 signs without lapses) costs 23 €.
Translation from foreign language: Fr., Ger., Eng., Cr. into Slo. per page costs 18 €.
Translation from one foreign language to another foreign language (for example Fr. to Ger., etc.) costs 27 € per page.
If You have more than 10 pages to translate, I offer certain discounts, with the agreement with the client.

Terms of payment

For a quick translation (it applies to translations for the same day with an exact hour of performance), payment in advance.
For other translations, payment when you order the translation or furthest or just before I send You the translation done in a manner that you scan the payment and You send it to me on my E-mail.


Revoz, Glotta Nova, IS Miklošič, E. Leclerc, Renault Nissan, Georient, Globetrade, Založba Rokus Klett, Interexport, different translation agencies and private clients.


One page of proofreading of Slovene text costs 4 €, one page of proofreading in foreign language (Fr., Ger., Eng., Cr.) costs 6 €.